Tiny oldschool indie game studio based in Copenhagen, Denmark


Hi, i'm Peter!

In 1999 i got my first job in the games industry, working on the classic danish game series Hugo The Troll (Skærmtrolden Hugo).

Throughout the years i have worked on everything from MMO games to streaming and banking apps, but always kept my childhood passion for games.

I therefore created Megakode to be able to make games for all the platforms i love, without anyone telling me about target groups and analytics.

Platforms and languages

Every game is written from scratch, almost entirely without any 3rd party code or engine, as building that is part of what i enjoy.

The languages i use are C, C++ and Assembly, and often scripting languages like PHP and Python for creating additional tooling.

I have made games for a wide range of platforms including: PC (DOS, Win, Linux), Mac OS, Gameboy (DMG, GBA, DS), SEGA Master System and Playstation.


If you are interested in collaborating on a project, please feel free to contact me at peter@megakode.com